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What to Look for in an Event Catering Company

What to Look for in an Event Catering Company

Full-Service Event Catering in the Coachella Valley

Choosing the right caterer for your special event takes more than a recommendation from a friend or a fancy menu. Your caterer must be a good fit for your event size and dining style and be able to accommodate your location and preferences. At The Butler Did It, our professional full-service caterers can help with a variety of events, big or small. Our professional Coachella Valley caterers know the importance of being a perfect match for our customers and are happy to work with you to execute a spectacular event. 

From full-service catering to bartending and food delivery, our Coachella Valley event catering team is here to help you create memories that last a lifetime.

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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Event Caterer

  1. Event size- You should make sure that your caterer can handle and has experience with events your size, whether an intimate event or a large-scale party. Some catering companies are better suited for small events, while others specialize in large-scale events, choose one that fits your special day. 
  2. Location- Consider the distance of your event location from where the caterer is located. Your caterer may have distance specifications with regard to how far they will travel to provide their services. Additionally, make sure the caterer can work with the venue you have chosen; they should be comfortable with the venue’s location, or lack thereof. 
  3. Certifications- Make sure that the caterer you hire has the necessary health department and food safety certifications as well as any necessary insurance. 
  4. Fees and costs- Review all potential charges, considering your service expectations, event size, and food type. Make sure that you understand all fees and costs, and question any fees that are not explained in your estimate. 
  5. Event staff- Buffet-style, seated, full-service, and cocktail-style dining will all require different staffing needs. As you move forward with choosing a caterer, be sure to have a clear idea of the event staffing planned for your event and dining style. 
  6. References- Even if you are referred to a caterer by a friend or family member, it is still a good idea to check online reviews from previous customers and even speak with references over the phone. Quality service will be reflected in how past customers speak about the company. 
  7. Flexibility- Discuss flexibility and responsiveness to unforeseen complications or problems and how your caterer will handle them. This may include food allergies, preferences, or changes in ingredient availability. 
  8. Tasting- Make sure to sample your menu choices before committing to your caterer. One caterer’s idea of a specific dish may be different from the flavors you have in mind. You want to be happy with the food you choose before the event, so you can fully enjoy it when the party happens!

Professional Event Catering in the Coachella Valley

When you need a custom menu, professional service, and a caterer who goes the extra mile, call on the team at The Butler Did It. Our full-service caterers and bartenders provide exemplary service and sublime menus for our valued customers in the Coachella Valley. Let us delight you and your guests with delicious food, prepared and displayed in exciting and appealing ways. 

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