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How Full-Service Caterers Create Unique Menus

How Full-Service Caterers Create Unique Menus

Custom Menus for Your Special Event in the Coachella Valley

Customizing a unique, visually appealing, and delicious menu for special events takes much consideration and planning. Professional chefs and their teams, like ours at The Butler Did It, will discuss details with the event hosts, from location and budget to favorite ingredients and event theme. 

Our Coachella Valley full-service caterers are happy to help make your event perfect, whether catering your wedding or helping pull off a perfectly executed corporate event. Let us help you complete your event experience with dynamic, exciting, and enticing cuisine crafted by our amazing team. 

Call The Butler Did It for customized cuisine and exemplary service from our Coachella Valley full-service catering team.

Factors to Consider When Planning an Event Menu

Before creating an enticing, delectable menu for your special event, there are “business” factors to consider that will play into what we design:

  • Event type: Menus will differ for weddings, corporate events, private parties, cocktail-style events, and child and adult birthday parties.
  • Preferred service style: Depending on the host’s preferences, menus can be designed as buffet style, plated meals, family style dining, finger foods, or multicourse meals. 
  • Budget: The budget for food and drinks is a key factor in menu design. 
  • Time: Menus will be different for morning versus nighttime events, as well as based on the event’s timeline. How much time is dedicated to dining?
  • Venue logistics: Venue space for food presentation, cooking options, and food storage is also a key factor. 
  • Dietary restrictions: Do any of the guests have severe allergies to any types of food? If so, we can work around those items or omit them completely to keep everyone safe. 

What Are Custom Menus Based On?

Custom menus can be based on any number of things, but the key focus will always be the preferences of the guests of honor. When discussing menu design, questions to consider include:

  • What are your family’s cultural backgrounds, traditions, or culture-based dining styles?
  • What is the guest(s) of honor’s favorite ingredients?
  • What is the style/theme of the event? Black tie? Beach inspired? Rustic and woodsy? Casual or fancy? 
  • Are there favorite family or personal recipes the guests want to include?
  • Are there specific memories the guests want to evoke or remember with the dining experience?
  • Should the dishes be inspired by the location of the event? 

Building the Menu for Your Coachella Valley Event

As we determine the menu style, ingredients, and serving preferences we will determine how to incorporate every facet of the dining experience. Beginning with appetizers that are delicious yet easy to eat while standing, moving to your main course or focal point dish, and transitioning to desserts that are exciting, fun, and unique to the event. Our professional full-service caterers will cultivate a dining experience that is as special as your event. At The Butler Did It, we can provide planning expertise and advisement, professional food preparation, and exceptional food service throughout your event. 

Make your event dining experience one to remember with help from the full-service caterers at The Butler Did It. Call today to get started!