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What Does Full-Service Catering Include?

What Does Full-Service Catering Include?

Coachella Valley Full-Service Catering with The Butler Did It

Catering can be provided in a variety of ways, from drop-off catering to buffet to full-service, plated meals. Full-service catering offers the most options, benefits, flexibility, and help during your special event. Whether you are planning a wedding or an upscale corporate event, full-service caterers like ours at The Butler Did It can help create an amazing event. 

The Butler Did It offers Coachella Valley clients a dining experience that is sure to excite and impress guests. Our top-tier chef, catering staff, and wait staff provide exemplary service, from planning the dining experience to ensuring everything is put away at the end of the event. 

For expert, full-service catering in the Coachella Valley, call the professionals at The Butler Did It. Our full-service catering team will elevate your event to the next level.

What to Expect with Full-Service Catering for Your Coachella Valley Event

  • Menu options– Full-service catering may include working with the team to design your menu, from the dining style to ingredients and preparation preferences. Most full-service caterers gather as much information as possible to understand what clients want and will design and present choices for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The menu will be tailored to the aesthetic and theme of the event. 
  • Food preparation– Your food selections will be prepped before the event, and cooked before or during the event. If the food is cooked before the event, or cooked on-site before the start, your full-service catering staff will heat (if hot food) and display the food beautifully for your guests. Our full-service caterers understand the importance of safely, properly, and beautifully prepped meals for special events; so we take pride in delivering the best ingredients, delicious food, and aesthetically impressive plating. 
  • Event setup– With full-service catering, the setup before the event is covered. It may include flatware, dishes, plating options, and food display, depending on your dining style and the aesthetic of your event. You will not have to worry about anything!
  • Serving– Depending on the dining style you choose for your event; the appropriate and adequate staff will be available to execute a perfect event. This may include service at a buffet line, plated table service, food station service, and bartenders. 
  • Venue “flip”– If your event space needs to change from one activity to another, your full-service team can help flip the space.
  • Event cleanup– Full-service catering staff will handle all of the cleanup required after your event, from helping clear the tables of plates, glasses, and silverware to cleaning up the food stations, tables, and chairs. 

Exemplary Full-Service Catering in the Coachella Valley

Your next special event deserves only the best, from food preparation to presentation, and with full-service catering, every detail is covered. The expert catering team at The Butler Did It provides fresh, high-quality ingredients for professional, expert guest service. Our team is backed by years in the industry, offering every client only the best service and execution on your special day. 

Call the Coachella Valley full-service caterers at The Butler Did It to start planning a special event!