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5 Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

5 Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

Tips for Success for Your Palm Springs Corporate Events

Whether you are new to planning corporate events or are making sure all your bases are covered, learning tips for success for your next corporate event is beneficial. At The Butler Did It, we provide full-service catering for a variety of events, including corporate parties and events, and our experienced staff are here to help make your event one to remember. From planning menus to table seating, there are a lot of factors that will influence your event’s success.

Let the Palm Springs catering experts at The Butler Did It help make your corporate event a success. From corporate parties to seminars and team-building outings, The Butler Did It has your dining experience covered! Call our Palm Springs full-service caterers today for corporate event catering from The Butler Did It.

Five Facets of a Successful Corporate Event

Executing a successful, enjoyable corporate event will require many moving parts. From headcount to menu design, there is a lot that goes into planning and delivering. Great guest experience. The event experts at The Butler Did It offer tips and reminders below to help you make sure your event is a success.

  • Head count. An estimated head count allows you to determine budget, menu style and options, table and chair rentals, and much more. You will need to know how many people will attend as well as potential add-ons at the last minute to accurately provide any materials needed for the event and have adequate food and drinks for your guests. Be sure to include a cushion for extra guests or plus-ones, so no one is left without food or activity items.
  • Budget. Your budget should be divided into categories based on the event you are planning. Different events will have different needs, but each will potentially include:
    • Tables and seating
    • Food and drinks
    • Linens
    • Décor: flowers, lighting, photo booth, etc.
    • Event activities: photographer, activity service providers, location staff
    • Venue or location costs
  • Theme. When planning for the theme, you should ask yourself what the focus and purpose are for the event. The theme and style of the event will determine how you decorate and the dining style, as well as what activities you plan. From year-end celebrations to seminars or award ceremonies, your event may be playful and relaxed or structured and formal. If your event is a corporate seminar or other structured event, a simple buffet and limited décor may suffice while an event celebrating company success or executive retirement may call for a luxurious atmosphere with full-service dining.
  • Schedule. Many corporate events include speakers and presentations. Make sure to plan for speaking times, activities, dining, and any other focal points throughout the event. Keep in mind that speakers or presentations will need time for setup and breakdown of any props or technological aids, as well as planning for possible technological hiccups. It may also be helpful to rehearse before the event so that time is properly allotted.
  • Full service or traditional catering. If your event is casual and suited to self-service, buffets may be the best choice, and traditional catering will suffice. For formal events or when the energy must be fully focused, a full-service catering experience may be better, with wait staff, bartenders, and bussers helping move dining along and keep guests focused forward. Full-service catering also provides an upscale feeling for special events that elevate the dining experience along with the décor and seating arrangements.

Full-Service Catering in Palm Springs

The Butler Did It provides traditional and full-service catering for our Palm Springs clients, offering a customized dining experience for all your event needs. We understand the importance of menu and dining and how they can enhance any style of event. From personalized dining that fits your corporate event theme to buffet-style dining during a long day of seminars, we can help you create a successful corporate event.

Call The Butler Did It today to build your ideal menu and dining experience for your next Palm Springscorporate event!