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What Is the Difference Between Full Service and Traditional Catering?

What Is the Difference Between Full Service and Traditional Catering?

Party, Corporate Event, and Wedding Full-Service Catering in Palm Springs

When you plan a party in Palm Springs, you need caterers you can count on to be there for all your food service needs. No host wants to take time away from their guests to ensure the food is hot, to clear used dishes, or to clean up buffet tables. With full-service catering, you don’t have to worry about anything but having a great time. From food prep to servers and bartenders, The Butler Did It provides full-service catering for all your Palm Springs events.

Don’t let the dining experience fall short of your event atmosphere, call the Palm Springs full-service caterers at The Butler Did It. We are here to make your wedding, corporate event, or private party an experience to remember.

Full-Service Catering Versus Standard Catering

There are several differences between full-service and traditional catering when it comes to the length of stay for servers, the menu, and cleanup. For your special event, full service makes all the difference. Full-service caterers create an experience for your event, with staff present during the event duration, allowing you to enjoy your event worry-free. Traditional, or standard, catering involves the delivery of fresh, prepared food, delivery of serving essentials, and pick-up after the event. Staff does not stay at your event with standard catering.

The differences between full-service catering and traditional catering include:

  • Staffing: Full-service catering includes kitchen staff to prepare and plate food, servers, bartenders, and front-of-house staff to set up tables, service areas, and food. This may also include bussers or servers who clear plates and glasses while guests finish dining. Traditional caterers deliver food, set up buffet tables, display the food, and then leave the event. Drop-off catering leaves the host to remove lids from the platers, make portions, and clear the table settings after guests finish their meal. Food preparation is also available on-site or at your event location, rather than prepping and cooking at the company location and bringing the food to the event.
  • Menu customization: With full-service catering, you can create a personalized menu, customizing the dining experience to fit the mood and theme of the event. Traditional, or drop-off, catering menus are usually set from the variety of foods the catering company specializes in, and you can pick your menu from that setlist. There is less room for customization, and the menu is not built uniquely for your event.
  • Clean up: Full-service caterers cover everything that has to do with the culinary experience at your event, including clean up. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the buffet area or food while guests eat or clearing the table as guests move to the dancing or other event activities. With drop-off catering, the food is delivered to your event and set up, but that is the end of services. It typically only covers the buffet set up and tear down, if that. You are left to handle all other facets of food service including bartenders, plating, clearing, and clean up.

Elevate Your Palm Springs Event with Full-Service Catering

Whether planning a spectacular wedding or a corporate event celebrating your company’s achievements, full-service catering elevates your culinary experience to the next level. Dining can become a memorable, exciting experience for your guests and a dynamic part of your event. The experienced, professional caterers, servers, bartenders, and staff at The Butler Did It provide personalized, delicious menu options and full-service catering for your Palm Springs event. Our chefs and catering staff take pride in creating enticing menus and visually stunning food displays that compliment your event’s mood and theme, so guests are connected even further with the event’s focus.

Call the Palm Springs full-service catering experts at The Butler Did It to get started creating the culinary experience for your next event.