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Catering Options for Your Coachella Valley Wedding

Catering Options for Your Coachella Valley Wedding

Coachella Valley Catering Ideas for Your Upcoming Wedding

After you and your spouse exchange vows, and you are ready to celebrate your union, it’s time to join your guests at your reception. Your wedding catering is a huge part of your reception, and there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to the style of dining you want.

As your special day approaches, let our team help you find the perfect dining style for your reception. The Coachella Valley catering professionals at The Butler Did It provide full-service and traditional catering for your special day.

Call us today to get started planning your Coachella Valley wedding Catering and let the professionals at The Butler Did It make your special day perfect!

Catering Styles for Any Coachella Valley Wedding

  • Buffet style. For a laid-back style dining experience and an affordable dining option, buffet-style dining allows your guests to eat as little or as much as they want. Service can provide guests with portions, or guests can serve themselves and choose what they want to eat from what is offered. This is a great option for weddings without designated dining times or planned events that must fit around dining.
  • Food stations. This style of catering is much like a buffet, but with food stations, there can be more variety and options for creativity. Oftentimes, food station-style dining provides different food at each station, highlights foods from different places, or helps designate each spouse’s favorite food items. There are endless possibilities to make food stations unique and fun.
  • Cocktail style. For casual, standing-room-style events or an event that mirrors your on-the-go lifestyle, cocktail-style dining may be the best choice. Guests can dance, mingle, and move in and out of the space, while servers provide bite-sized portions of a variety of foods. You can tailor these mini meals to express who you are as a couple, bringing a fun style to your guest’s dining experience.
  • Seated and plated dining. At formal gatherings or weddings where you want your guests to focus forward for speeches, dances, and more while dining, plated meals are a great choice. This style of dining lends itself to beautiful presentation, proportioned sizes that are uniform, and a meal that becomes an orchestrated experience. Whether in courses or as a one-time delivery by your servers, these meals can be priced per person and will typically involve full-service catering.

Coachella Valley Catering with The Butler Did It

Whether you choose food stations with meal options that highlight you and your spouse’s favorite food or places, or you choose full-service, plated catering, The Butler Did It has your wedding covered. Our state-of-the-art chefs can help you create a delicious and unique menu that will be sure to make your guests happy. Let our Coachella Valley catering professionals help you create a dining experience that will be remembered and one that fits your style perfectly.

Call The Butler Did It today to bring your Coachella Valley wedding catering vision to life.