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Why Choose Family-Style Dining for Your Event?

Why Choose Family-Style Dining for Your Event?

Family-style, large-format dining is like an elaborately expanded family dinner. Meals arrive on large platters, in large bowls, or other family-size serving plates and are placed around the center of the table. This type of dining is a different experience than buffet or individually plated meals and can change the feel of your guest’s dining experience.

With family-style dining, guests can serve themselves from the communal dishes and take as little or as much as they want. When planning your next big event, consider the benefits of family-style dining for your meal.

The Coachella Valley caterers at The Butler Did It can help you determine if family-style dining is the best choice for your event and can help you plan the perfect dining experience. Whether creating a friendly, intimate dining experience at a wedding or having an open, inviting feel at your next corporate event, we can make it happen.

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5 Reasons Family Style Dining Is a Great Choice

There are plenty of benefits to choosing family-style dining for your wedding, corporate event, or private party. Some of these wonderful benefits include:

  1. Efficiency. Family-style dining tends to move quicker than planned and timed individual meals. Wait staff can quickly serve the large bowls and platters to each table, and as guests serve themselves, the process moves quickly and organically while all enjoy their meal simultaneously, taking seconds as desired.
  2. Guests don’t have to leave their tables. Rather than getting up for buffet-style dining or having to wait for their table to be served, Guests can sit and enjoy their meal without much wait. Not only do they not have to get up to get their plate as dining starts, but they also have seconds of their favorite food right in front of them. There is also the added benefit of elderly guests, guests with mobility issues, and children not having to stand and wait in line at a buffet.
  3. Options and no pre-plating. Not only do guests not have to pre-select the meal they are going to have, but they also will have multiple options to choose from during dining time when they choose family-style dining.
  4. Cost-effective. Family-style dining can save you time and money, reducing costs compared to plated meals. You won’t have to worry about a missed RSVP or change in attendance because the meals are not made for each guest.
  5. Encourages socialization. Family-style dining encourages guests to interact and make small talk while serving themselves and their tablemates. Passing food back and forth is an easy, organic way to start conversations and create a comfortable environment.

Family Style Dining in the Coachella Valley

For professionally crafted, personalized family-style dining in the Coachella Valley, call the caterers at The Butler Did It. Our professional catering team and chef can work with you to create a menu that delights and a family-style serving plan that brings family, friends, and colleagues together. Let us help you plan a memorable and exciting event with full-service catering you can count on to deliver!

Call the Coachella Valley family-style catering professionals at The Butler Did It to start planning your event dining experience today!