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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Bartending Services

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Bartending Services

Professional Bartenders for Your Next Coachella Valley Event

For large-scale, monumental events like weddings, corporate events, and private parties, hiring a professional bartender is a no-brainer. For smaller, more intimate events, a bartender can elevate the event and still offer plenty of benefits. Whether providing freedom to a party’s host to enjoy the event or ensuring guests get their drinks quickly, bartenders are a great addition to any event.

The Butler Did It provides full-service catering and bartending for Coachella Valley events of all sizes, so no matter the purpose of your event, you’ll have the professional staff you need. Call our team to request bartender services or learn more about all the services and staff we provide. We are happy to help you create an event that is worth remembering!

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4 Major Benefits of Hiring Professional Bartenders for Your Next Event

  1. Enjoy your party rather than stand behind the bar. With professional bartenders working your event, you don’t have to worry about making sure everyone has drinks, finding more cups, or helping guests find mixers. You can enjoy spending time with your guests and let the professionals handle serving drinks.
  2. Buy the right amount of alcohol. The worst part of bartending your event might just be running out of alcohol before the event is over. Professional bartenders can plan ahead by gauging how much alcohol they will need for your event based on the number of RSVPs and the event atmosphere. They can also help you make sure you don’t buy more alcohol than you need, using their personal experience to help get it right.
  3. Avoid overserving. When you and your guests make your drinks, you may tend to overpour, making for less tasty drinks and very intoxicated guests. Bartenders can use their experience to make perfect pours that taste delicious and cut back alcohol when a guest needs to taper back. This also eliminates the worry of liability, as professional bartenders are often licensed and insured, so if anything goes wrong, they can handle it. Professional bartenders can also cut guests off without the host being involved or making a scene.
  4. Bar setup and breakdown. Professional, full-service caterers offering bartending services typically help with the bar set up before the event, keep it clean and organized throughout the event, and help clean up afterward. Bartenders will know the best setup to keep things flowing smoothly and reduce waste while setting up the bar in a way that serving drinks moves quickly and easily. 

Hire the Professional Coachella Valley Bartenders at The Butler Did It

When you want your wedding, corporate event, or private party to be an exciting, fun experience enjoyed by all, hire a professional bartender to keep the drinks flowing. Don’t spend your night behind the bar or opening wine bottles in the kitchen! Let the professional bartenders at The Butler Did It provide excellent service for your Coachella Valley event.

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