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Should We Hire a Bartender for a Dry Wedding?

Should We Hire a Bartender for a Dry Wedding?

Why a Bartender Is a Great Choice for Dry Weddings in the Coachella Valley

Even if you have a dry (non-alcoholic) wedding, a bartender is still something to consider. Bartenders are great for service and style at any wedding, from helping determine how many beverages you will need to creating an atmosphere. Bartenders can do so much more than serve alcohol and can be an integral part of serving your guests.

At The Butler Did It, our professional, experienced bartenders provide service with a smile, creating a wonderful opportunity for your guests to mingle, stay refreshed, and enjoy their evening while having an anchor point at the reception. Great conversations surround bars, whether there is alcohol or not!

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4 Reasons to Hire a Bartender for Your Coachella Valley Wedding

You may not know where a bartender fits into a dry wedding, so we’re here to help you understand just how much our professional bartenders add to your special day.

Bartenders do much more than serve drinks:

  1. Planning. Experience bartenders can help you determine how much water, juices, sodas, and any other beverage you should have on hand for your guests. They can help with planning, organizing, and preparing to host a fun and memorable event. Bartenders’ knowledge of the flow of big events can help you plan for beverages regardless of whether you are serving alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks.
  2. Serving refreshments. Bartenders can serve your guests promptly, professionally, and with a smile. When guests don’t have to serve themselves, you allow them the freedom to enjoy the party and stay refreshed without worry. Bartenders keep drinks flowing alcoholic or not.
  3. Providing atmosphere. Bartenders are excellent at making conversation, being friends with guests who don’t know others at the event, and creating a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.
  4. Customized drinks. Your bartender can help make your wedding unique and special with customized drinks that represent your theme, your and your spouse’s favorite drinks, or any other thing you want to highlight. These specialized drinks don’t have to have alcohol in them to make them memorable, and a fun touch for your wedding.

The Butler Did It: Professional Wedding Bartending in the Coachella Valley

Whether you are hosting a dry wedding or not, hiring a bartender helps you relax and enjoy your special day without worry. From planning and purchasing beverages to ensuring no guest goes thirsty, our bartenders are here to help. At The Butler Did It, we pay attention to the details that make your wedding memorable and fun, and we can help you make the refreshments memorable, as well!

Call the Coachella Valley wedding bartenders at The Butler Did It for wedding drinks that express your style!